Something must be broken somewhere. Make sure you are connected to Moja Free WiFi.

To get to the Moja platform do the following.

1. Turn off mobile data bundles

- Go to your phones settings
- Find Network and Internet
- Click on Data usage and turn it off
- Go to mojawifi.com

2. Clear your phones’ history

- Go to your browser menu
- Click on the three dotted lines on the far right of your phone (menu)
- Click on History, then clear browsing data.
- You will see a button with “Clear data” click on that button.
- Go to mojawifi.com

3. Go Incognito

- Go to your browser menu
- Click the menu, on the top far right of your phone.
- Click on “New incognito tab”
- Go to mojawifi.com


Click on this link to go to mojawifi.com